Due to social distancing, group exercise classes will be temporarily restricted for the first couple of weeks whilst we work out the best way to offer our timetable as safely as possible. Once we are confident that we can do so, we will begin to phase classes back in whilst using the opportunity to get valuable feedback from our members about whether the cleaning and social distancing measures are working effectively.

Taking these actions will allow us to reopen as safe as possible and keep the disruption to an absolute minimum. If you are impacted by these changes, you are able to freeze your membership for free until we are able to safely restore them. Click here to freeze your membership

To help us resume group exercise classes as safely as possible, we have put together a survey which we would appreciate you filling out. The survey can be found by clicking here: Group Exercise Survey


The ultimate HIIT class! This full body workout is insane & you can burn up to 1000 calories per workout! Perfect for all levels as you can go at your own pace, this is the ultimate full body workout.


Burn fat, shape & tone muscle with this high intensity circuit class. Our tabata class will push you to your limits & target your entire body.


This unique class experience is both physically challenging & yet mentally unwinding. Perfect for all levels, our yoga class will help to improve flexibility, strengthen the core, unwind the mind & relax your body.


Improves flexibility, posture and balance through a unique method of body control and conditioning of muscles..


A non impact class that uses hand weights and other equipment to condition and sculpt your body.


Strengthen your core, with a varierty of exercises including floor, stability balls and more.


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