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Alexandros Anagnostou

Email: Alexandros_anagnostou@hotmail.com

Phone: 07470211920

Instagram: alex_anagnostou

Ι have a batchelor and master degree in Physical education and sports science by the university of Greenwich. I’m a certified strength and conditioning coach by NSCA and sports nutrition specialist by ISSN. Therefore, I have a scientific approach to my training and nutritional plans that are always supported by research.

Being involved in sports and fitness since the age of 5 and having competed on national level in Greece at Decathlon for two years, I combine practical experience with the theoretical background of my studies.

Whether your goal is losing weight, staying healthy, improving your current health state, competing in a sport, injury prevention and rehabilitation, bodybuilding or just having fun while keeping active, I can provide for you the best results in the most efficient and safe way. Time and effort wise!

You are welcome to contact me at any time either on the gym floor or via my contact details.

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  • Batchelor and masters degree in sports science
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS)
  • Certified sports nutrition specialist by the international society of sports nutrition (ISSN)
  • Personal trainer, advanced health and exercise specialist level 6 by the European registered exercise professionals
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