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David Morrison

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Why train with me?

Making the decision to start your fitness journey can be daunting, you may not have the knowledge or experience for what you want to achieve which can lead to frustration and then ultimately giving up when you don’t see results.
My training is aimed at education therefore giving you knowledge so that you are able to learn and gain experience whilst seeing results.
There is so much information available most of it conflicting, by following your specially designed plan you just have to follow it to see results in a matter of weeks.
With me you can call on 20 years experience, continuous support and clear instruction to help you fulfil your goals.

How does it work?

Simply by committing to start is the basis for change. I will help you and show you how to create habits that will help you to achieve your targets
This can be done depending on your goals but also , specific, manageable, time based and achievable training.

Maximised workouts
Technical workouts (deadlift,squats etc)
Fun and enthusiastic coaching
Weight management
Strength & conditioning
Sport specific

Do you help with food?

I can provide nutritional guides and give you access and support to apps such as:

My fitness Pal
My PT hub

These will enable you to create healthier food options and enable you to learn more about the foods you eat giving you an understanding of how to use and calculate macros.

What will we do

Our training will be specific to your goals
Dependent on your ability

With so much experience of equipment and types of training it’s essential that the right type of training program is used to help you hit your targets, this is where you can rely on my skills and knowledge to select the right training.

Specialist areas

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  • Level 2 gym instructor
  • Level 3 PT
  • Spin instructor
  • Nutrition physiology
  • Nutrition & sports nutrition
  • Leadership & management
  • Mental health & social accreditation
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