Welcoming You Back to TruGym

TruGym is preparing your club as we speak to welcome you back safely on Saturday 25th July!

In line with guidance from UKActive and Public Health England, we have put in place a number of measures to enhance our cleanliness and hygiene, and to ensure safe social distancing. These measures include but are not limited to:

  • Spaced out our gym equipment to help you keep a safe distance from other members
  • Installed hand sanitiser stations around the gym and at the entrance for you to use
  • Increased the number of hygiene stations around the gym, which you can use to clean equipment before and after use
  • Increased our cleaning frequency and staffing to ensure the gym is as clean as possible
  • We are in the process of reintroducing our group exercise classes. These will be phased back in two-three weeks after re-opening
  • Installed floor markings & one way systems to ensure people remember to keep their distance in high footfall areas
  • Placed banners and posters around the gym to remind people of the steps we need to take together to keep the gym safe
  • Monitoring the number of members in the gym at any one time to make sure we remain under our safety capacity.

Questions About Cleaning and Social Distancing

How often will the gym be cleaned?

Our gyms will be deep cleaned daily with anti-viral disinfectant. We have also increased cleaning frequency of our equipment and surface areas throughout the day. This includes everything from the floor, handles, weights and equipment.

For added peace of mind, we are also increasing the amount of self-cleaning stations we have in club, and actively encouraging members to clean their own station before and after use.

How can you ensure that regular cleaning is being conducted?

We have a cleaning and maintenance software that we are using to monitor how often our gyms are cleaned. Our managers will also be doing walk arounds every 30 minutes to check their clubs.

Will there be hand sanitiser available?

We have installed hand sanitiser stations at the entrance to the gym and throughout the clubs.

Will I be able to socially distance at the gym?

We’ve made some modifications to our gym layouts to keep a safe distance between equipment. We’ve also installed floor markings to direct footfall. We’ll also monitor the number of people training in the gym to ensure that we never go over the government’s recommended capacity.

When will truGym reopen?

Our gyms will reopen on 25th July, based on guidance announced by the government on 9th July.

What are the opening hours?

All of our clubs will be open weekdays from 6am – 10pm, and weekends 8am – 8pm until further notice.

Is there a limit on the number of members you will allow into the club at any one time?

Yes. We will limit the number of people in the gym at the same time, so members can keep a safe distance from each other. Fortunately, a lot of our gyms are very large and this has allowed us to space the equipment appropriately for safe social distancing and movement around the gym. In the unlikely event that the gym gets to 90% of its safety capacity then our staff will begin implement a queuing system. This will be achieved by gym staff having a presence at the front door and asking members to wait momentarily until another member leaves.

We are very confident that capacity won’t be reached so please don’t let this put you off. If you really want to be sure of not having to wait, then we recommend planning your gym visit outside of peak hours.

Will I need to book to get into the gym?

No, you’ll be able to visit whenever you like. If our gyms get especially busy then we will consider implementing a booking system for peak slots.

In the unlikely event that you may have to queue then we have procedures put in place. You can reduce the chance of queuing by planning your visit at a quieter time.

How long can I stay in the gym?

We will operate a fair usage policy to ensure that everyone is able to train safely. To do this, we would like to ask our members to keep their visit no longer than 1 hour & 15 mins. Visit lengths will be monitored and if the gym is reaching capacity and you have exceeded the 1 hour & 15 mins stay then you may be asked to wrap up your workout.

Will the changing rooms and showers be open?

Yes, but we would recommend that you arrive at the gym ready to train and you shower at home where possible. This is to help us maintain social distancing in the changing rooms, and also so you can make the most of your 1 hour 15 min workout period. Lockers will be available, but please keep your distance from other members whilst using them.

Will you still be running exercise classes?

Exercise classes will be restricted for the first couple of weeks whilst we work out the best way to offer our timetable as safely as possible. Once we are confident that we can do so, we will begin to phase classes back in whilst using the opportunity to get valuable feedback from our members about whether the cleaning and social distancing measures are working effectively.

Taking these actions will allow us to reopen as safe as possible and keep the disruption to an absolute minimum. If you are impacted by these changes, you are able to freeze your membership for free until we are able to safely restore them. Click here to freeze your membership.

To help us resume group exercise classes as safely as possible, we have put together a survey which we would appreciate you filling out. The survey can be found by clicking here: Group Exercise Survey

When will my payments restart?

Your payment was frozen when we closed and will remain frozen until your gym re-opens. If you pre-paid for your membership then we will automatically extend it for the period that we were closed. Please note that if you are in a pay monthly contract then your contract will also be extended.

Are there any other rules in place to help with social distancing?

Yes, we are also asking members not to train in groups as this prevents us from maintaining a safe distance between members. We will also not allow people to spot each other.

Will there still be personal trainers?

Yes, Personal Trainers will be able to provide safe, socially distanced training for their clients once the gyms reopen.

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